Electric Side Steps

Lightweight comfort.

Stylish Automated Side Steps

Enhance the look of your 4×4 with these very stylish automatic electric side steps when is in use or neatly folded away.

The running boards automatically open and close with any door that is opened and closed.

Looks very impressive in daily use.

Watch the video

Ford Ranger Automatic Electric Side Steps video

Watch the video

Electric Side Step Running Boards Ford Ranger

Prevents Damage to Side Boards

Conventional fixed steps are normally very prone to irreparable damage over rough terrain.

Due to the fact they neatly fold away you avoid the damage plus it stops you catching your leg or not even standing on the boards.

Greatly Improves Access to Vehicle

The Stylishly designed Pegasus Side Step will deploy on the opening of any door. The running boards are wider and with a sure foot gripping which makes entering and leaving easier especially for young and less able.

Ease of access to clean roof or load items onto roof rails. Also, unlike conventional fixed side bars avoids you catching your leg or slipping.

Lightweight Aluminium Running Boards Extremely Strong with a 300kg Pay Load

Made from lightweight aluminium and very strong.

Tested at over 300kg, will support 150kg human weight. Quality assured and branded “Pegasus”. Pegasus Designs, Manufactures and only sells its own exclusive quality products.

Our Guarantee

2 Year Parts Warranty
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