VW Amarok Hardtop with Central Locking – Nivå, Denmark

Lars Gorski has sent these images in, of his newly installed VW Amarok Avantgarde Hard Top with Central Locking finished in Starlight Blue.  The Hardtop was sent directly from the UK to a Toyota dealer in Nivå, Denmark. During the installation the dealer struggled to locate the CAN wires to connect to our specialised CAN Hi/Lo interface so after a few phone calls and instructions the installation was completed successfully and the below comments received along with the images:

Hello Andrew
Thanks for the help when Toyota called and asked for help.
Now the hardtop is mounted and it looks so cool. I send some pictures. Super service 👍👍👍👍👍

Lars is a farrier from Naerum in Denmark and his facebook page is well worth a view, that is if you have an interest in all things Equine, or of course Hardtops https://www.facebook.com/LarsGorskisBeslagsmedie/


ford ranger hard top canopy uk denmark 2 Pegasus 4x4
VW Amarok in Starlight Blue, Naerum, Denmark



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