VW Amarok 3.0 V6 Trendline Tonneau Lid with Chrome Pack in Ravenna Blue

This Tonneau Lid with Chrome Pack (VW OEM) has just been installed to this Amarok 3.0 V6 Highline  The B-spoke and unique Top Up Cover tonneau lid with chrome pack, is a one of a first for us in the UK. This is because of the OEM long bars. We have been supplying other EU countries for a number of months though.  This model is known in many other markets as the Canyon. This particular top was factory ordered in Ravenna Blue, and is designed specifically to cater for these longer VW supplied styling bars. Our customer made the journey from Huddersfield and was away with the full installation completed ‘same day’. The Top Up Cover has a unique three way operation. This top can lock into position and be driven in it’s fully extended position. this allows transportation of goods that may be abnormally high. The Top Up Cover is only available from Pegasus 4×4. For more information and full specifications of our tonneau lids and rear Top Up Covers’ please visit our VW Amarok Top Up Cover page.

vw amarok tonnea lid rear cover canyon 2 Pegasus 4x4

vw amarok tonnea lid rear cover canyon 6 Pegasus 4x4
VW Amarok in Ravenna Blue with Chrome Pack (or Canyon Style)

Your pick up will have added presence when fitted with our VW Amarok Top Up Covers. It will protect your load area and keep the ‘pick up’ look.
Our canopy VW Amarok accessories include Hardtops, Top Up Covers, Sports Lids and much more. They are completely unique and only available exclusively from Pegasus 4×4.
Furthermore this Top Up Covers unique operation offers 3 positions allowing for the lid to be opened to the full height of the cab. It will also allow you to carry unusual or over height loads. The lid can be secured and driven in this position.
In addition the Top Up Cover offers a two tier locking hence you can be sure that the cover will be as secure as possible.
The most stylish looking rear lid on the market today and can be supplied with or without Stainless Steel Styling Bars and can of course cater for VW OEM original Bars.
Luggage Rails are offered as standard.
Each canopy is finished in the VW Amarok colour code of your choice.
All tops and covers attract an industry leading 3 year parts warranty.

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