Ford Ranger Top Up Tonneau Cover Lid

MORE IMAGES IN FROM ITALY – Ford Ranger Top Up Tonneau Cover Lid

Alberto Costa from Gessate, (MI), has kindly sent us a picture of his Ford Ranger Top Up Cover Tonneau Cover Lid with Styling Bars. The  was recently shipped from our Bristol head office directly to Gessate, where Alberto installed the top. The top was factory finished at our factory in Ford Motor Companies Ocean Blue.

ford ranger tonneau cover lid back 624x351 Pegasus 4x4
Ford Ranger Top Up Cover Tonneau Cover Lid in Ocean Blue

This unique 3 position lid looks stylish on any truck and offers the flexibility and security that no other cover in the market place can.
Perfect for protecting small loads or carrying a pallet, please check out our video to fully appreciate how ingenious the Top Up cover really is.
Pegasus designs, manufactures and only sells it own exclusive quality products. We are proud to be simply the very best in this specialised market. We are recognised worldwide as the leading innovator in the design and manufacture of the latest pickup accessory products and all backed by a brand name you can trust and a leading world class warranty.
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