1,600 Mile Round Trip To Fit Our Ford Ranger Canopy in Sea Grey

Emad Shahiddy made the 1600 mile round trip from Jona in Switzerland to Bristol for his Ford Ranger Canopy in Sea Grey. The installation was completed while Emad toured the sites of Bristol! The installation was completed within 4 hours and Emad was back on the Euro Tunnel later that day for the long drive home.

ford ranger hardtops sea grey Pegasus 4x4

This Ford Ranger Canopy (Pegasus Avantgarde with Central Locking) includes dog friendly ventilation, full central locking, insulated linings keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, tinted glass, easy load access solid framed doors etc. New for 2018 we offer an optional ‘security package’. This includes a 3 door alarm system that is fully integrated with the vehicle alarm. For the full specification of our Ford Ranger Hardtops with Central Locking please click here.

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